Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Save our school...WIN a Classic Mustang!



Dear Steve,


My son and I are faithful watchers of your weather forecast.  He has a few pictures of you from the balloon festival and is considering becoming a weatherman! (he's 9)

Micah (my son) goes to a small Christian school here in Santa Fe, NM.  It is a independent school, not affiliated with any churches.  This year we are facing a financial crisis.  We are hosting a major fundraiser to help save the only Christian elementary school here in Santa Fe.  For many of our students, this school is a second home.  They feel safe, love learning, and love learning about God.  On May 3rd we are  hosting a car show, silent auction, and open house.  We are (as parents), trying to sell raffle tickets …the winner will win a 65 classic Ford Mustang.  All proceeds go to the school.  I am asking if you could possibly  help us in any way, or help us spread the word.  There are many ways people can help.  You can find out more on our website at   You can buy a raffle ticket, or make a donation….any help is greatly appreciated.  I am trying to get help in any way I can, and I know you are a supporter of animals and children.  Thank you,


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Nicole said...

Thanks for helping us get the word out, Steve!