Friday, November 29, 2013

Viewer Complaint!

NOTHING like starting your day off with a positive attitude, right?

Here's a note I get early this morning (and my reply). Let's all say something to try and Cheer Up this guy!


Dean Criswell writes: I watch your broadcasts...and am curious why you think your dogs are newsworthy. They are your pets and should be at home where they belong. Don't know anyone else that brings dogs to work other than police and border patrol. Grow up.


Steve Stucker: And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too Dean Criswell! Our Friday broadcast with my pets and those of our viewers are a real popular feature with thousands. I'm sorry to upset you so. Many tell me the animals put a smile on their face first thing in the morning...and I'm hoping something will happen that will do that for you today.

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1 comment:

Rob Maestas said...

Hey Steve! You do an AWESOME JOB, and with your babies on the news, I love it!! This lady apparently has her own issues, so don't let her get you down! You my friend are a wonderful man in person, and a true dog lover!! Keep on Keep in' on!!!